Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bag Lady is back......

Hi folks,

Haven't been  making much recently. One reason being I have been working on a large quilt as a wedding present for a friend's son so that has curtailed my other sewing.

That project is now finished and I will post pictures but not until after the wedding just in case- don't want to spoil the surprise.

I did make a couple of ipad pillows and a patchwork waistcoat last week so I guess I haven't been too lazy.

So it is now back to building up some selling stock. Creative Crewe have a stall at the upcoming Virgin Media event on Crewe Station (March 28-31) and I have very little left so need to get sewing.

I have finished my first bag today so that's a start. The nice thing is this is all recycled materials, I think the only new material is the thread and the toggles on the drawstring - even the drawstring is a recycled shoe lace!

Well that's one done probably need a few more for the sale so will post pictures when I can.

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