Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sitting pretty

Well I survived to tell the tale and am now sitting on comfy cushions instead of saggy ones. The covers aren't perfect but they make getting up and down so much easier for my legs so it was a worthwhile exercise.

Anyone planning a bit of al fresco dining this summer. Just heard that the forecasters are saying we are going to have one of the hottest summers ever - yeh right! but we can hope. Just in case they are right, these place mats will be the ideal thing. Nice summer colours and a natty little pocket to stop your napkin blowing away.
Well Creative Crewe are attending the Virgin pop-up shops on Crewe Railway Station for the next 4 days so come along and support us and find a present for Mothers Day. I had mine this morning, the most beautiful bouquet of roses from my son Thomas. Made me cry they are so lovely.
Bye for now

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Handbags at dawn

Well more like afternoon tea time than dawn but that didn't seem to sound right.

Thought I would have a break from the heavy backpacks and try something more with summer in mind. So I have come up with a few little summer inspired hand bags, gone all flowery which is worrying as anyone who knows me should know I'm anything but flowery.

The top one is a cheat on patchwork as the material is printed squares giving a patchwork affect.

The yellow section is a double pocket and the bag is fastened with a buttoned strap.
The lower ones are just little bags cum purses for those summer days when you don't want to carry a big bag
They are lined and have a magnetic catch and a short shoulder strap. All we need now is the summer......
I may be sometime before my next posting. I have just bought foam cushions to raise the height on my sofa and now have to make covers. I have some lovely curtains to use but never having done anything that has to fit precisely, this could be a slow process. I'll leave  you with the before picture and fingers crossed will be able to post a successful after picture sometime in the not too distant future.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Denim for a girl....

Take some old denim, an outgrown little girls dress, a shoelace and a sewing machine and what do you get?

Answer, a lovely denim chic back pack.

I think this is the favourite one I have made to date. I love it and it looks great. the photos don't do it justice .

The denim was a piece that I obtained that had been used as a table covering, it was nicely faded in places giving it a lovely look. The little girls dress just complimented it so much. Oh and the shoelace is the drawstring just in case you wondered.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bag Lady is back......

Hi folks,

Haven't been  making much recently. One reason being I have been working on a large quilt as a wedding present for a friend's son so that has curtailed my other sewing.

That project is now finished and I will post pictures but not until after the wedding just in case- don't want to spoil the surprise.

I did make a couple of ipad pillows and a patchwork waistcoat last week so I guess I haven't been too lazy.

So it is now back to building up some selling stock. Creative Crewe have a stall at the upcoming Virgin Media event on Crewe Station (March 28-31) and I have very little left so need to get sewing.

I have finished my first bag today so that's a start. The nice thing is this is all recycled materials, I think the only new material is the thread and the toggles on the drawstring - even the drawstring is a recycled shoe lace!

Well that's one done probably need a few more for the sale so will post pictures when I can.