Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Going soft, well the toys are!!

Hi everyone, haven't blogged for a while - don't know where time goes these days. Considering I don't work I still seem to fill my days and never do half of what I plan. I have been working on a big project, a memory quilt for a wedding present which is taking some of my sewing time so there hasn't been a great deal of output to show. The quilt will take a while longer but I will post it on here once finished

In the meantime I have just spent a few hours making a birthday present for a little one year old. He's the grandson of a farming friend and I was inspired by some lovely fat quarters I was given at Christmas which had farm animals and tractors on them. I remember the soft books that used to be about when I was little (I dare say they still are but haven't ventured into a toy shop for years).

So I used the pictures to make a little picture book, one little hands can hold but not rip.

I was then left with 6 little squares that I didn't know what to do with - lightbulb moment - 6 squares make a cube. So the remaining pictures became a soft block filled with off cuts of wadding that I always keep for stuffing. He can look at the pictures or throw it at someone if he wants, there are no sharp corners!!!

Well  I guess that's it for now, back to the quilt before I lose my inspiration.

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