Saturday, December 14, 2013

My home made Xmas Tree

I only have a small one bedroomed flat so don't really have the room for a traditional Christmas Tree and looking around the shops I was uninspired by the small artificial trees on offer. I saw a long time ago a Christmas Wreath made from oddments of material and thought why not make my own tree! I had lots of scraps of green based materials which on their own were not really viable for projects but together would make some sort of project.

After much brain searching I came up with the idea of using the Rag or Peg Rug technique to make a ragged looking patchwork of scraps. This involved buying a piece of hessian which I then cut into a quarter circle which when folded round would make a cone. Then came the process of pegging all the scraps into the hessian.

This is done by poking holes in the hessian with a prodder, mine was the traditional half peg, sharpened to a point. The scraps are cut into strips and poked through the holes with the peg.
It took a while but it was a handy thing to keep me occupied whilst watching TV at night.
Finally the whole of the hessian was covered.
I included a few bits of red and gold coloured scrap material to give the effect of berries or baubles. I then stitched the edges together to make the cone shape and put some old cardboard inside to help it hold it's shape and added a cheap star decoration on the top to finish it.
Hey own artificial tree that will hopefully last for many years....


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