Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Handbags and glad rags

Well I don't really do glad rags, jeans and sneakers is more me I'm afraid... but I have had a go at designing a handbag and I think it works.

I was given some lovely material on a visit to the Cubby Hole on Saturday and was trying to think what it would be best suited to. It is a very fancy, shiny fabric and so it needed to be something equally fancy.

I had seen a bag recently that I liked the look of so tried to make something along the likes of it. The outer for the bag is just a rectangle of the material which I then pleated along the top to give a narrower top and more spacious bottom to the bag, the pleating also gives it some support along the top.

The finished bag.
I then made a similar bag to use as the lining, this is made from a textured heavier material so giving the bag a bit more weight and strength.

As it was designed as being more of a posh bag than a tote I thought it best to add a fastening of some sort. I  made a loop and added a shiny button to finish the look off.

Not a bad days work, hope someone will like it when it goes to the market in a couple of weeks.