Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brain fodder and the "Banned" word

A strange title but all will become clear…


After a few days of plodding through but not being inspired I decided some brain fodder was needed so baked a Buttermilk Bannock to give me a much needed boost. Buttermilk is so hard to get these days and I treated myself to some on my Asda delivery on Saturday- yes I am lazy and have my shopping delivered, a) because walking around a crowded supermarket full of screaming kids and crowded aisles is not my favourite pastime and b) because I hate shopping. A friend couldn't believe my statement the other day when I said I would rather go to the dentist than go shopping! I was told I was a strange woman. Well I know that anyway.

So back to the Bannock, it is real boost food despite containing no sugar - the only sweetness is from the fruit. A slice of it warm with butter and a well earned coffee is something close to bliss for me.

So where does the "Banned" word come into things.....
Well I used to belong to a forum where the season surrounding the 25th December was not to be mentioned unless the month began with D on fear of being excommunicated from the site. That  and the fact  I can hear the "Tut Tut" from my brother leaves me quaking in my boots when I admit to having been making "C*r*s*m*s items.
These little stockings could be used as decorations or as small gift bags as they are lined and could hold a small gift or sweets etc.

Well my apologies for bringing the festive season forward but these are for a sale in October so I guess people will be thinking of buying such things by then.


  1. No I like the taste of Bannock or isn't that what you meant lol!

  2. how can you talk about baking and not share the recipe?

  3. Sorry, never thought. Had one or two asking so I have just put it on a new post