Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fruit Salad and Technology

Love making up these titles...

Earlier this week I made a quick table runner from some lovely bright materials I had. It is a really simple design made of 4 x 10" squares each cut into 2 pieces and randomly joined back together. It is just backed with thin batting and plain yellow material. I tried a new edging stich thanks to my "new" sewing machine on permanent loan from Mum. I tried to photograph it but not sure if it shows up well.

Fancy new stitching

 It was only when taking the pictures I realised it looked like a giant Fruit Salad chew!

Now I couldn't resist temptation this week. My mobile provider offered me a really tempting deal on a "Tablet" - strange only a year ago I wouldn't have even known what one was apart from something I swallow on a daily basis.
While waiting for it to arrive I got curious about the whole Tablet thing and began looking up on the internet what accessories were available for them. My main concern was being able to hold it for long periods as my hands are not the safest, they have no sensations and dropped crockery etc. is well known, I use plastic plates as pottery and wooden floors don't mix well. Anyway back to the point. I looked at cases and holders but they seemed so expensive, but I came across an article about ipad cushions and it got my designing thoughts going.
So here is the result. A bean bag for my Tablet.
It is basically 2 triangles of material at each end with a strip sewn around them and then filled with polystyrene bean bag filler.

It works a treat. It can be put on the table if you want to use it as you would your lap top, but it comes into it's own when you are relaxing on the sofa and it was great when reading my first ebook in bed last night.
Any input would be appreciated if you can see anyway to improve the design. Now to make a case!

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