Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little things

Well the sewing has continued but my computer muses have not really been flowing, the umph deserted me for a while, you know life getting in the way and all that.

I've made some more bags, another back pack and some more totes. I've designed an idea for a laptop/messenger bag so that is my next big project.

For now just a few of the little bits I've been fiddling with.

Oven mitts, these are made with proper heat proof wadding to protect those little pinkies from hot pots

The other cute little thing is this little girls shopping bag, I know I'm getting all girly in my old age. The pattern I adapted this from was originally to make gift bags but I can just see a nice girly girl wanting this as her shopping bag.

Well hopefully I can get through my doldrums and make the next blog a bit sooner and brighter. See you soon.


  1. I found you through Nigel's blog and decided to stick around to see what there is to see. I am in the process of making a few bags too. Yours are certainly inspiring and I am sure the girly girls will be happy when they see them.

    1. Hi Marianne and nice to meet you, you may have gathered Nigel is my beloved big and only brother. I'm on a major learning curve at the moment with my sewing but loving it and love the designing almost as much if not more than the making. I love your dogs, so miss mine. My soon to be ex husband and I rescued Papillons (a bit smaller than your kiddies) and I had to leave them behind when we separated which was very sad.