Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pansies and presents

Today has been a busy day.
I finally managed to create this blog after much muttering into the coffee cup.
Then I was donated a lovely present of loads of material by my crafty druid, well my big brother!
Finally I finished this pansy themed table runner, so all in all a good what to have for dinner?


  1. I never knew I was a druid, although Naomi refers to me as 'the old hippy in the corner'

  2. Wahoo!! your blog has arrived, can't wait to see all your beautiful creations on here.. xx

  3. that is so pretty. I envy your ability with the sewing machine. They scare me.

    1. Thanks, I hated them in my younger days but was bought one 5 years ago to keep me occupied when I had to give up work and now love it.

  4. Hello Angela, lovely to see you blogging ...."that man" pointed me in the right direction. Am now following! Looking forward to seeing your makes! Suzanne x

  5. Thanks Suzanne, "That man" was putting me to shame with all his blogging so thought I had better join in lol!!

  6. love all your stuff cuz, that bloody brother of yours has a lot to answer for.... haha do you reckon we can get Queen Crafty herself (Norn) on here too? lol our family we could take the world by storm! mwah ha haha haha haha (evil laugh) keep up the good work!!! :-D xxx